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Yelm, also referred to as the Emperor of Glorantha, is the Sun God.


We don't know much about the worship of Yelm.


Yelm used to be the leader of the Fire Tribe, and Orlanth's worst enemy. Orlanth once killed Yelm and sent him to Hell. There Yelm stayed, until Orlanth went to the Underworld with the other Lightbringers. Orlanth then made peace with Yelm, and they returned to the world together, as friends.

Yelm had many sons, including Daga.

  • It was after the minions of Emperor Yelm stole cattle from Orlanth that Orlanth first attended the Emperor's Court and protested Yelm's misrule. --Clan Ring
  • Birds are bad because they were sacred to Orlanth's enemy, Yelm the Empreror. --Clan Ring

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