Wolfskin-clad Raiders
Wolfskin raiders


Random Event

Next Wolfskin Bonanza 

A group of Telmori raiders may one day slip past your patrols and butcher two of your cows.

Event Dialogue

Strange and primitive warriors get past your patrols to take two cows from you. The wolfskin-clad raiders are so bold that they butcher the cows on the spot, rather than driving them away. The carls are sure this will happen again.

  1. Find their camp and talk peace with them.
  2. Find their camp and launch a punitive strike against them.
  3. Have hunters hunt and trap wolves.
  4. Tell other clans that you want many wolf skins.
  5. Track down and kill these particular raiders.

King of Dragon Pass


Upon encountering this event, you will loose a few cows.

  • Know that searching for the Telmori, whether to make war or peace, may be a waste of time as the pack has moved on.  However, having a devotee of Vinga or Odayla tends to make tracking them easier.
  • It certainly is possible to make peace, and if it happens, you should be safe from further raids
  • Any form of retaliation can invite further raids, and if in the long game, may cause certain events to be harder to accomplish.
  • The Telmori prize their lupine kin, so having your hunters hunt and trap wolves reduces their numbers.  However, you also leave yourself open for further raids.  If you are in the long-game, it may also cause certain events to be harder.
  • If you put out a bounty for wolf-skins, you may reduce the Telmori, but the surivors will be angry.
  • Your people expect action, but if you don't wish to anger all the Telmori, you can track down and kill these particular raiders.  Success grants your desired goal, but failure has them escape.

The bounty option can bring up another eventWolfskin Bonanza