A Weaponthane is a full time warrior of a clan. Weaponthanes are usually in the service of the clan chief, or the clan itself.


Weaponthanes have the status of thanes (nobles), and as such, are fairly high maintenance. They require twice as much food as any other person, and they expect a gift of 1 cow per year. They also need to have a horse each, for their long patrols.

Recruiting Weaponthanes

Weaponthanes can be recruited via the Clan iconclan screen.

They can be drafted from:

  • the carls of your clan
  • outside the clan

You can even give 1 cow worth of gifts to get a better chance at recruiting more.

Events like Too Few Warriors also allow you to recruit weaponthanes.

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  • Weaponthanes are always in competition with the carls.