Tricksters often betray you, but sometimes the way you overcome the betrayal brings a new kind of victory.

King of Dragon Pass

A trickster, or Eurmali, is a follower of Eurmal and can be put on the clan ring. While they can make life hard for you if you're unlucky and treat them too predictably they can be a real asset as well. Because it's their duty they'll pull a variety of pranks to honor their god, which you can turn to your advantage.

On the Ring

A trickster is a natural outlaw, unless he had the protection of a clan chief.

Ring Member, King of Dragon Pass

Tricksters as ring members are a hassle, but in most cases worth the worry. They certainly make life more interesting. Though you might not want to live in interesting times...


There are some benefits to having a trickster on your clan ring, other than having a good laugh at some of their remarks.

  • With a trickster on the ring, you get one more chance to put magic into Quests during Sacred Time.
  • Triksters may lead negotiations and oft get unexpected results, such as treasures from Ducks, Wyrms and Trolls.
  • Tricksters can support the most unlikely candidates for kingship in a tribe, succesfully.
  • Tricksters may be the only ones who can convince the rest of a tribe to accept a clan of Ducks into their midst.
  • Tricksters are usually posessed of above-average stats and thus would make the ultimate leaders... Except they are tricksters and thus unreliable. Yet if you want to find that missing warrior...


If you have one on your clan ring, you will get special events involving your trickster.

Known tricks they play on your clan and others:

  • In Trickster's Promise (Cattle), your trickster will sell a portion of your cattle to another clan because "they are funny-looking cows", insisting the clan will be better off without them. Expect grumbling carls and such, though the trickster may be onto something... Or just on something.
  • In Trickster Idol, the trickster will place an idol of Eurmal in your main temple and claim it to be a blessing. You may put it in a shrine of it's own, but whether or not this is a good idea remains debatable.
  • In Trickster Hijinks, the trickster may attend a feast in another clan's hall, driving a local chief/warrior near berserk and causing him to demand retribution from your clan ring for horrific teasing and such. Unless you desire war diplomacy can and has to work wonders here.
  • Trickster: Gambling
  • Tricksters may also rouse the ire of the clan's women, though they'll be reluctant to specify the exact nature of the offence. A repeat of this trick may offer more hints though they never explitely state what was done. (mice involved?)


  • Tricksters live long, but are pretty hard to come by.