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The Making of the Storm Tribe is a heroquest, where the quester reinacts the feats of the Storm God, Orlanth, when he decided to create his Storm Tribe.


You can read the full myth in game, from your lore screen, or in the book Storm Tribe.

Storm tribe heroquest

The quester and worshippers, preparing for the Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest.


You can ask for one of several benefits from successfully accomplishing this quest:

  • Gain Orlanth's blessing for making a tribe (you cannot form a tribe before getting this benefit)
    • Note : You may still be able to form a tribe by choosing to form a tribe immediately when presented with the prophecy. You don't even need to have this myth learnt yet.
  • Improve your reputation
  • Improve your political abilities
  • Make the quester a strong leader (It improves Combat, Leadership, Custom)

If you are in a tribe, you cannot ask for Orlanth's tribe making blessing, instead you can ask:

  • To gain a piece of tribal regalia, to make the tribe stronger,
    • Unknown what this does as no known events check for the strength of tribal regalia and it is qutie easy to stay at jubilant tribe mood withotu touching the regalia
  • To become king-makers,
  • To improve the tribe's mood,
  • To reconcile a clan to the tribe.

The Quester[]

There are no restrictions for your choice of quester for this heroquest.

Note however that:

  • Orlanth worshippers have a better chance at succeeding.
  • Vinga worshippers can perform this quest as if they were worshippers of Orlanth.


  • When the Doubting wheel arrives, catch it with a net, or threaten to catch it for soup.
  • Fight both of the Plant Tribe champions.
  • The Cube is afraid of all things new, so recite a poem no one has ever heard before. Convincing Lhankor Mhy to launch a legal claim, hitting the cube or threatening the cube might work, but have a lower chance of success.
  • Challenge Vadrus to a contest of strength (don't mention Yinkin at all)
  • At the moot, just wait for Ernalda to bring you the tribal regalia.
  • When the Night Tribe arrives, lead everyone to fight them.

Note: Even choosing all the right answers does not guarentee the success of the quest. Many factors are taken into account. Visit Heroquest for more information on how to succeed at heroquesting.


Choosing your main benefit (some text may be added depending on the number of worshipper you have etc):

In this quest, Orlanth founds the Storm Tribe by gathering together his kin and allies. What benefit do you seek from this heroquest?

  1. Gain Orlanth's blessing for tribe-making.
  2. Make the quester a strong leader.
  3. Improve the reputation of the clan.
  4. Improve the political abilities of clan leaders.

King of Dragon Pass

Tribal Variant: If you are already in a tribe, you can ask:

In this quest, Orlanth founds the Storm Tribe by gathering together his kin and allies. What benefit do you seek from this heroquest?

  1. Improve the mood of the tribe.
  2. Reconcile another clan to the tribe.
  3. Gain a piece of tribal regalia.
  4. Become king-makers.
  5. Make the quester a strong leader.
  6. Improve the reputation of the clan.
  7. Improve the political abilities of clan leaders.

King of Dragon Pass


Once in the realm of the gods:

<Quester> enters the realm of the gods, where he begins to feel the restlessness of Orlanth, because the Emperor is strong and denies Orlanth's proper place in the world. Ernalda tells <Quester> that the Emperor's advantage over Orlanth is his tribe; if he is to challenge the Emperor, <Quester> must also make a tribe. <Quester> goes wandering, considering her words, until the Doubting Wheel rolls up. It tells <Quester> not to make a tribe. "If you put yourself above all the others, you will be just as bad as the Emperor. The people will expect you to tell them what to do, and in doing so they will steal your own freedom, which is the thing you value most."

  1. Catch the Doubting Wheel in a net.
  2. Go find Yinkin.
  3. "I will catch you, and my wife will make you into soup."
  4. "I will not be bad like the Emperor, for freedom is my essence."
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.
  6. Pound the Doubting Wheel with a fist.
  7. "You cannot stop the Storm Tribe, just as you cannot stop a storm."

King of Dragon Pass


Once the Doubting Wheel is dealt with:

So <Quester> wanders again, until he finds Yinkin, who is head of the Cat Clan. Yinkin says, "My clan is badly pressed by the Plant Tribe, which fights us for our hunting ground. If you fight them and beat them, I will join your tribe." <Quester> faces the Plant Tribe champions, Rustling Veins and Sharp Green.

  1. Fight both of them.
  2. Fight Rustling Veins, let Yinkin fight the other.
  3. Fight Sharp Green, let Yinkin fight the other.
  4. Go find Lhankor Mhy.
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.
  6. "My new tribe will crush you if you do not retreat, plants!"

King of Dragon Pass

Note: Even if your quester is defeated, there is a chance (s)he will stay in the realm of the gods through sheer force of will. Yinkin will admire their courage and say he might still attend the Confederation Moot.


Upon finding Lhankor Mhy:

<Quester> finds the Knowing God, who is head of the Marks On Bark Clan. The Knowing God is trapped inside a great cube. He says that the Stone Tribe imprisoned him, because he tried to make new knowledge about them, and the Stone Tribe hates new things.

  1. Go find Vadrus.
  2. Hit the cube.
  3. Leave the realm of the gods.
  4. Recite a poem to the cube.
  5. Tell the Knowing God to launch a legal claim against the cube.
  6. Threaten the cube.

King of Dragon Pass


Upon finding Vadrus:

<Quester> finds his unruly, violent brother Vadrus, who heads the Hurt Everything Clan. Vadrus wants to go fight Yinkin's Cat Clan. "Yinkin scratched me, and some of my essence leaked out onto the ground. I cannot allow assaults on my person to go unavenged, so Yinkin must suffer my wrath."

  1. Find other clans instead.
  2. "I challenge you to a contest of strength."
  3. "I would sooner see you harmed than Yinkin."
  4. "If we had a tribe, you could punish him without hurting him."
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.
  6. "We need Yinkin to join our tribe."
  7. "Yinkin is our brother."

King of Dragon Pass


At the Confederation Moot:

<Quester> keeps collecting clans for the new tribe. Sometimes the chieftains of these clans make unreasonable requests. Or they make contradictory demands: Issaries will join only if Uralda does, and Uralda will join only if Esra does, but Esra will join only if Issaries is kept out. <Quester> tells them all what they want to hear. So when it comes time for a confederation moot, and they realize that he cannot please them all, the chieftains start to fight and blame <Quester>.

  1. Leave the realm of the gods.
  2. Offer to fight each and every one of them.
  3. Wait for Ernalda to bring tribal regalia.
  4. "With a tribe, our magic will be strong."
  5. "With a tribe, we can fight common foes."
  6. "With a tribe, we will be prosperous."

King of Dragon Pass


When the Night Tribe attack:

Then warriors of the Night Tribe come and attack the quarrelling clans.

  1. Call for peace with the Night People.
  2. Direct the others to fight the Night Tribe.
  3. Lead the fight against them.
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. Stand back and lend magic to the fight.

King of Dragon Pass



<Quester> returns to the land of mortals, her quest a successful one.

King of Dragon Pass