Talking Fox
Talking fox


Random Event

The Talking Fox is a random event. He will appear to ask you to not clear any more wildlands, and to stop hunting foxes for 5 years, and in exchange, he will protect the clan from the spirits of the wood.

Event Dialogue

While foraging for berries in the bush, women of the clan encounter a talking fox. In halting Tradetalk, it tells them that it will protect them from the spirits of the wood if the clan agrees not to clear any more of the forest for five years. The clan must also agree to stop hunting foxes for that period. The fox warns that the spirits will be very angry if the clan doesn't comply. It tells them it will be waiting for them the next day, when they have talked with the other "two-legs."

  1. Agree not to clear land.
  2. Agree not to hunt foxes.
  3. Agree to both conditions.
  4. Capture the fox and sacrifice it to the gods.
  5. Capture the fox and trade it to another clan.
  6. Tell people to avoid the fox.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Simply agreeing not to clear land will allow you to farm with no ill effect.  However, you may find game scarce as the spirits of the woods take offense.  Additionally, your production of trade goods may decrease as other luxury items like furs become scarce.
  • Agreeing not to hunt foxes keeps your forests full of game, and allows you to keep makign luxury goods via crafting.  However, you may face poor harvests, and other things for clearing land.
  • If you agree to both conditions, the fox says that you will never know the full measure of the disaster you averted. If you do clear more land within the five years, you will lose clan magic.  Additionally, you will suffer a curse for the next few years (using the divination blessing under your ancestors will confirm this).  Effects of this curse may include poor crop yield, advancement of the woods, etc.
  • Successfully capturing the fox, and sacrificing it to the gods will increase your clan magic by a small amount. Note: In the latest iOS version of the game, sacrificing the fox will decrease your clan's magic.
  • Successfully capturing the fox and trading it to a clan can net you a good amount of goods. However, you may face spiritual repercussions from this act.
  • By avoiding the fox, you can clear land as necessary, though you may face other consequences like reduced game in the forest, or the advance of trees onto your land.