The Storm Tribe is the ancestral tribe created by Orlanth ages ago. All Orlanthi tribes trace their history back to the making of the Storm Tribe. It was shattered when the gods left the mortal spheres.

Creation of the Storm Tribe

The full story of the making of the Storm Tribe can be within the game's text.

The creation of the Storm Tribe dates back to a time when the world was still new, and the gods walked the earth alongside mortals. At this time, Orlanth was just one god among many. But he didn't agree with the way Yelm, the Sun god, ruled the world. But one of the reasons why Yelm couldn't be bested was that he was not alone, he was surrounded by his faithful Fire Tribe. In order to defeat the all-mighty Yelm, Orlanth, advised by his wife, Ernalda, set out to form his own tribe, one that could best Yelm's Fire Tribe. He united many clans, friends and enemies alike, and ultimately founded the Storm Tribe.