A small fetish made from twigs, grass, stones and animal hide.

King of Dragon Pass

A Spirit Fetch is a treasure that can replenish your magic.


Reduces the expenditure of magic. (You get 1 use per Spirit Fetch)


One day, a couple of wanderers might come to your tula, offering Spirit-Talker Services. You can buy Spirit Fetch treasures from them, for 15 cows a piece.

There is also a finite amount of named treasures one may buy from other clans.  When this number is reached, then Spirit Fetch treasures are the default treasure offered by other clans.

Play Hint

Occasionally, one needs to exchange a treasure for another during certain events.  You may wish to purchase multiple Spirit Fetches, then.  They are usually cheaper than other treasures, and more importantly, replaceable (most treasures are unique items).