Secret Murder in the Tula
Secret murder


Random Event

One day, you may find one of your carls, slain in your own tula.

Event dialogue

<X>, one of your carls, is found slain in an isolated corner of your tula. She is obviously the victim of secret murder, one of the most serious crimes in Orlanthi society. The people are appalled and fightened.

  1. Blame bandits.
  2. Blame chaos cultists within your own clan.
  3. Blame no one; console the people.
  4. Blame the <clan name> clan.
  5. Blame the <Feuding> clan.
  6. Conduct a divination.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you conduct a divination (which is usually a good idea), your ancestors will reluctantly tell you who did it, provided your magic is strong enough to reach them in the first place. This option costs 1 magic. Then you will be able to proceed, and blame and punish the correct criminals.
  • If you blame the bandits, you will be presented with two options : Sending a war party, lead by one of your nobles, to punish the outlaws, or do nothing. If you catch and kill the bandits and they confess, you will gain 2 magic.
  • If you blame one of the clans, and choose to launch a legal claim, they will most likely deny their guilt. If you then raid them, the people will be happy, but your relations with their clan will worsen.