The life of your clan is dictated by five seasons. The last two weeks of each year forms a sixth season, where your clan will perform magic rituals in preparation for the coming year.

You can tell which season you are in by looking in the top right corner of your screen.

If you wish to skip a season, for some reason, you can click on the triskelion near the name of the season.

Be careful when clicking near this button.

Sea Season

In Sea season, the earth shakes off the cold, fresh

life springs up in gentle rains and you plant your crops.

KODP Game Manual

Sea season is the time where your farmers are busy planting your crops. As your ring members will tell you, it isn't a good idea to go raiding in this season, if you do, expect your harvest to suffer this year.

Fire Season

In Fire season, the fields take care of

themselves and the warriors cry for battle and a chance for glory.

KODP Game Manual

This is the season to go steal cattle and plunder your enemies' tulas. Beware, though, you are also likely to be raided in this season.

Earth Season

In Earth season, you put aside the

sword and take up the scythe.

KODP Game Manual

This is harvest time, as in Sea season, your food stores will suffer if you go pull the farmers away to go raiding.

Dark Season

In Dark season, with the harvest finished, sensible folk stay inside out

of the reach of blizzards and ice demons.

KODP Game Manual

During the wintertime, your weaponthanes might refuse to go raiding, and both trading and exploring will be very dangerous because of the snow.

Storm Season

In Storm season, all things are possible, but nothing is


KODP Game Manual

Storm season is unpredictable, but it isn't a bad time to go raiding, especially if your ancestral foe is the Warlord of the Ice Tribe.

Sacred Time

And, at the end of the year, there are two magical weeks when you return to the timeless realm of the Godplane. You, and all other intelligent beings, perform the Sacred Time rituals that heal and recreate the world, allowing the wheel of Time to begin again with a new year.

KODP Game Manual

This is the time where you allocate magic for the next year. See Sacred Time.