Humans are not the only sentient beings to inhabit Dragon Pass. There are a plethora of other strange races you will encounter during your stay, as shown below.

For more information on how the Orlanthi view other races, read Foreigners (culture).

Races of Dragon Pass

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Dealing with Other Races

The Orlanthi have always been suspicious of other beings. When dealing with other races encountered in KoDP, you'll have to take a few things into account:

First and foremost, your choices during clan creation will make at least one race your ancient enemies. This makes it harder to settle peacably with them and if you do manage to do so your ancestors will still punish you for taking up with the descendants/kinsmen of their foes.

Secondly, aside from hostilities towards some humans, it would be folly to think the other races are chums of each other. Ducks despise the undead for example and are on the menu with tusk riders.

Finally, dealing with some races will either make you the laughing stock of some clans (at best) or a vile blight upon the land that must be eradicated from this world and it's history. If you take up with malicious gods, allow undead and broos to wander your tula and attack any and all neighbours (for example), you'll find more foes on your doorstep than you'd thought possible. That is if you survive that long, as your people might dispose of you before then.