Plow Team Trained


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Earthshaker Plow Team
Previous Triceratops in the Field

Event Dialogue

Your efforts to train the earthshakers as beasts of burden have been successful!  They can pull carts laden with goods as if they weighed nothing at all.  They plow quickly and accurately plow deep furrows.  They've also become quite skillful at nosing boulders out of land your carls are clearing.
  1. Change your clan name from <name> to "Earthshaker"
  2. Give them away
  3. Keep them
  4. Sacrifice them to the gods
  5. Trade them away

King of Dragon Pass


You will receive the Earthshaker Plow Team treasure at the beginning of this event. What you do with it afterwards is entirely your call.

  • If you give the plow team away, you will improve relations with the recipient. 
  • Sacrificing nets you a boost in your clan magic
  • Selling them gains you goods.  A particularly skillful trader may be able to repurchase the plow team from the buyer at a lower value than your sell cost.
  • Keeping the plow team is probably the best choice.  While they eat a lot, they can plow more fields than cattle (netting an increase in food), and they also increase your clan's magic during planting season.
  • Changing your clan name increases your clan's reputation and nearby clan's feelings towards you. Changing your clan name does mean you still keep the plow team. 


  • Sometimes, the triceratops aren't responsive at all to your training.  You may wish to save/reload in this event.