Orlanth and Aroka is a heroquest, where the quester assumes the role of Orlanth, the storm god, to defeat the Blue Dragon Aroka.


To end a drought caused by a kinsman, Orlanth slew a dragon and rescued Heler, the Rain God.

You can view full the myth in game, from your lore screen, or visit Orlanth and Aroka (myth).


You can ask for one of several benefits from successfully accomplishing this quest:

  • Bring rain
  • Gain a treasure
  • Strengthen the clan's warriors
  • Strengthen the quester (Improves Combat, Leadership, Magic)
  • Make dragonewts fear your clan
  • Shield your clansmen from kinstrife

Successful completion also prevents drought and gives your warriors a bonus in battle.

The Quester

There are no restrictions for your choice of quester for this heroquest.

Note however that:

  • Orlanth worshippers have a better chance at succeeding.
  • Vinga worshippers can perform this quest as if they were worshippers of Orlanth.


1. "..I will drive him off or kill him."

2. Take a few blows from Daga, then flee.

3. Beat the enemies, and take something from each one (you can seduce Gagarth if you are female).

4. Seduce the Dark Woman (If you are male, you automatically fight her if you are female).

5. "Storm Bulls can come in handy sometimes. Follow me!".

6. Do as Storm Bull says.



On the first screen, you will have the possibility to choose the benefit you are aiming for:

The people have gathered their magic to help propel <Quester> into the place of the gods.  What benefit does <Quester> seek?

1.  Gain a magical treasure
2.  Make our warriors stronger
3.  Make the dragonewts fear us
4.  Shield us from the aftermath of kinstrife
5.  Make the quester stronger

King of Dragon Pass


Orlanth Converses with Ernalda:

The Ernalda priestess says the words that Ernalda once said to Orlanth, "Only one person is doing this, but I have refrained from telling you dear husband, because I know that you honor kinship so much."  <Quester> speaks the words of Orlanth, and bids her to continue. "At your command, oh husband, I will instigate kinstrife.  It is your nephew who is the cause of our woe.  Your sister's son is drying my yields and starving the world.  His name is Daga, and he is the son of Molanni, your niece."

1.  "I have fought with my brothers already, and most of my nephews as well.  For you, sweet wife, I will go and speak to him, and then I will threaten him , and then I will curse him, and then I will drive him off or kill him."

2.  "I have fought with my brothers already, and most of my nephews as well.  For you, sweet wife, I will go and speak to him, and then I will threaten him, and then I will curse him, and then I will drive him off or imprison him."

3.  Once there was no Chaos in the world, and no death in the world.  Kinstrife was bad, but not as bad as it is now.  Maybe the fight with Daga is what allowed Chaos and death to come in the first place.  I must find another way." 

King of Dragon Pass


Orlanth Encounters Daga:

<Quester> goes to fight Daga in the place of the gods.  Daga has no substance to strike, nor force to scatter.

1.  End the quest.
2.  Keep fighting; do not stop until Daga is slain.
3.  Let Daga win, but fight defensively to minimize injury.
4.  Take a few blows from Daga, then flee.
5.  Take whatever punishment Daga dishes out.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If you decide to keep fighting Daga, it is possible to slay him which successfully completes the hero quest. Depending on the reward you chose though, your treasure either defaults to the klanth or the god talkers are not sure if the reward was obtained. You may also raise the chaos risk of your clan due to committing kinstrife.


Orlanth Is Ambushed:

<Quester> learns that there is a secret weapon to use against Daga ~ the rain  god, Heler.  But Heler is trapped in the belly of Aroka the dragon.  <Quester> gathers the weapons:  the sack with the Four Winds in it, an ancient flint sword called a klanth, a twisted vine which holds the Upper Wind, and a leather rope which holds the Lower Wind.  She eats of Ernalda's Splendorbread and drinks crazy black Widebrew.  Then she goes off in search of Aroka.  But on the way Orlanth is ambushed by other enemies.

1.  Beat the enemies, and take something from each.
2.  End the quest.
3.  Evade the enemies; they are not the point.
4.  Fight them defensively.

King of Dragon Pass


Orlanth Encounters An Uroxi:

On her way to fight the dragon, <Quester> encounters another heroquester, a Uroxi warrior who claims to be from another place and time.  "You need me to protect you from Chaos that kinslaying will bring you.  I need you, because I must serve Orlanth in order to continue my quest.  I demand the right to come with you, as Orlanth's brother."

1.  Attack him, seeing as he can only be an enemy in disguise.
2.  "Storm Bulls can come in handy sometimes.  Follow me!"
3.  "There are no Storm Bulls in the myth of Orlanth and Aroka.  Go away."
4.  "Today we discover the new myth that has always existed. Let's go my friend!"

King of Dragon Pass


Orlanth Encounters Chaos Creatures:

When <Quester> arrives for the fight against Aroka, she's surprised to see many Chaos creatures swarming towards her.  "I knew this'd happen, now that there's Death and Chaos in the world," shouts the Storm Bull. "Go and fight Aroka, and I'll fight them off!"

1.  Do as Storm Bull says.
2.  Help Storm Bull fight the Chaos creatures.
3.  Run away. 
4.  Fight the Chaos creatures.
5.  Ignore the Chaos creatures.

King of Dragon Pass

Orlanth and aroka

Orlanth Fights Aroka:

At least <Quester> finds the lair of Aroka.  She uses the things she brought with her, and the things she took from her enemies she bested along the way.  She uses them to fight the dragon.

First Aroka opened its eyes to destroy the mind of Orlanth.  The storm god released the Four Winds and each of them cast its weapon into an eye of the dragon, blinding it.  Aroka lashed out with its tongues.  Orland released the Upper Wind, and this dried out the snaking enemy.  Aroka roared out its fatal breath, but Orlanth captured it inside the magical Sack of Winds and threw it away.  Then Orlanth strode into its mouth and seized the upper jaw with his hands and placed his foot against its lower jaw, and with a shout of victory tore the dragon asunder.

King of Dragon Pass


Orlanth Frees Heler:

(You successfully finish the heroquest)

A great flood of blood, water, and mead swept over the land.  Inside was Heler, the rain god, who was his friend afterwards.  Heler was sent against Daga, and Orlanth went too, pounding the land and covering it with rain.  Orlanth captured Daga and put him in a jar.  Soon Ernalda was nourishing again, and Drought was banished.

<Quester> successfully completed the heroquest and was cheered by all.

King of Dragon Pass


If you decided to quest for a treasure, you have your choice of the following:

1.  The bag with Orlanthi runes on it.
2.  The bag with troll runes.
3.  The klanth.
4.  The bread.
5.  The brew.

King of Dragon Pass

These correspond to: