Mathrania the Magnificent
Mathrania the magnificent


Chain Event

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Mathrania the Magnificient is a magisaur that will come to your tula after you find the Triceratops bones.

Event: Meeting Mathrania


A creature, the likes of which you have never seen before, hails the guards on your perimeter. He introduces himself as Mathrania the Magnificent, and requests a parley with the clan ring.

  1. Invite him into the clan hall.
  2. Invite him onto your lands, but no further.
  3. Invite him to the market square.
  4. "It's a dragon! Kill it!"
  5. Shoo him away.
  6. Talk to him outside the tula's boundary.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The option to kill him only appears if your ancestors were hostile to dragonkind. This is not a great choice, as you may lose weaponthanes and magic in the fight -- and a dead magisaur can't give you any eggs.
  • If you invite him into the clan hall or market square, the event will proceed as follows.

Event: Important Virtues


"Your people are remembered here. It is said that you believe in six social virtues. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that you had to choose between them, which virtue would you say is the most important?"

  1. Decline to answer.
  2. "Defense"
  3. "Honor."
  4. "Hospitality"
  5. "Justice"
  6. "Obedience."
  7. "Provision."

King of Dragon Pass

If you choose to answer him:

He thanked us for our answer. He gave us an archaic form of the Parting words, and left.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you answered him truthfully, he will later send you a basket of eggs.