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Maran Gor
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Myths Ernalda Feeds the Tribe (myth)

Maran Gor, the Earthshaker, Mother of Dinosaurs, is Ernalda's grim sister and one of the more important deities amongst those you cannot worship.

Shrines and Temples

You can only build a shrine to her.


If you sacrifice to Maran Gor, she may bless you with the following :

  • Earthblood : Improves the fertility of fields when people are killed on them.
  • Blast Earth : This is a curse upon a tribe of your choice, their fields are wracked terribly if it works.


At the beginning of the year, your god-speakers may tell you that she demands you to learn her blessing this year, or else she will provoke an earthquake.

On the Ring

You cannot have a worshipper of Maran Gor on the Ring.


Maran Gor has never been a part of the Storm Tribe herself, but has had a profound influence on it and the Lightbringers. She is encountered during the Ernalda Feeds the Tribe heroquest as the one who keeps Barntar in her underground lair.

  • The priestess will care more for sacrifice to her deity than for rings and silver. -- Ring Member
  • The favor of Maran Gor may bring us power, but it will also make others fear us.-- Ring Member
  • Maran Gor isn't so bad. Eurmal stole her skirt once, and she didn't kill him. Just dismembered him a couple of times.-- Ring Member
  • Mother of earthshakers yearns for furrow-snack.  Ring-breaking will send her embrace elsewhere.  -- Ring Member

Although she is a terrifying goddess, Maran Gor fought chaos with the help of her patron animals, the enormous Earthshakers.

–Ring Member, King of Dragon Pass


Maran Gor is a daughter of Asrelia, and Ernalda's sister.

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