The map screen (Map icon) shows a map of the Dragon Pass region, centered by default on your tula.

On this screen, you can not only view the map, but also send exploration parties in search of anything interesting in the region.

Three buttons on the top right allow you to view clan names, tribes, and trade routes you have set up.

Map legend


The white parts of the map are the parts you haven't discovered yet.

Clans and tribes

Clans are color coded on your map, depending their feelings about yours, as follows :

Color Represents
White Your clan
Blue Allied to you
Bright (light) purple Likes you
Purple Neutral towards you (?)
Pink Dislikes you
Red Feuding with you

Regions surrounded with a white border represent tribes, all clans within that border belong to that tribe.

Other places of interest

Mountains are noted in black.


On this screen, you can hit "explore" to choose an exploration party to send out. For more information about exploring, such as who to send, and what you may find, visit the Exploration page.

Exploration screen

Click for a full view of the exploration screen

Pointing the Way

To choose which region you want to explore, simply move the cross on the map. It is centered by default on your tula. If, after moving the cross, you decide you want to explore your tula after all, there is a handy button on the right hand side, shaped like a house. If you hit this button, it'll center your view and your cross on your tula once more.


On the top right corner of the screen, you can choose which noble to send out as the leader of your exploration party. Be careful not to send someone too important, especially to far away lands, because exploration is dangerous, and there is a very real chance that they might die.

The question of who to send is further explored over here.


The two sliders underneath the leader button let you choose how many weaponthanes and footmen you wish to send along with your exploration leader.


At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will be able to decide if the party should travel slowly, normally or quickly. Travelling slowly will take more time, but the chance of finding something interesting is greater. If your party travels quickly, they will come home sooner, but may overlook things in their haste. Note that if you're exploring your own tula, the exploration party will come home immediately, regardless of their travel speed.