Magic in King of Dragon Pass can be described as the resource that can give you just a little extra edge in various situations. You gain magic during sacred time when you successfully perform heroquests, please the gods and your ancestors, please spirits and many other things betides. You can even gain magic by requesting that other clans give you some or regain lost magic through spirit fetches. Magic plays a vital role in both the game and the culture of your people.

Use of magic

In combat

When raiding, being raided or having ought to do with full-scale war magic is your friend. It can't guarantee victory (if your foes have more), but it definitely swings the tide in your favor. Spending magic on a battle ensures that:

  • Your losses are minimized
  • You gain more loot/cattle/etc.
  • Fewer foes survive
  • Conquest is easier

Keep in mind that spending magic on War during Sacred Time gives a better edge in battle than sacrificing it during battle.

In diplomacy

Diplomacy is a way to get what you want, but even the most eloquent folks can use a bit of magic to get what they want.

During heroquests

Though the rewards of doing Heroquests usually are bountifull, you don't want to fail one during times of need and lose a vital member of your clan ring due to one minor mishap. Magic can aid you in finding favor with the gods, treasures beyond mortal ken and other things here, though it's no panacea.

  • Increased chance of hero-quest success
  • Increased chance of gaining treasure
  • Increased effects of hero-quest impressions on other clans

In trade

Magic allotation improves trade in general, but also:

  • Increases chances of getting treasures cheap
  • Makes it easier to establish trade-routes
  • Increases the chance for better prices

Increasing Magic

Every year at Sacred Time, you will be given 7 magic. But you can have much more than that...

  • Repecting your choices made during Clan Creation (not keeping thralls, fighting the dragonewts etc.): if you do, your ancestors will reward you with magic.
  • Some events can reward you with magic if you choose (sometimes magic is called luck)
  • Successfully performing a heroquest.  When Sacred Time comes for the forthcoming year, your clan magic should be higher.   As such, you may wish to attempt a heroquest once a year (although this is riskier, your councellors will tell you to wait 2 years between heroquests).