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Shrine & Temple

Heroquest Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth

Lhankor Mhy, also known as the Knowing God, is the God of Knowledge, Lawspeaking and Writing. He is one of the Seven Lightbringers.

Shrines and Temples

In Lhankor Mhy's honor, you can build a shrine, a temple, and a great temple to him.

(The in game graphic shows the temple and great temple as appearing the same)


If you sacrifice to Lhankor Mhy, he may bless you with the following :

  • Clan Lore : Helps divine the truth.
  • Lawspeaker : Aids in legal cases; ensures that the clan's mood isn't soured by unresolved disputes.
  • Literacy : Helps the dealings with other clans.
  • Divination :  Answers questions
Attitude : What other clans think of us?
Threats :  What poses the greatest threat to our clan?
Strength :  How strong is another clan?

Note:  You may not build a shrine to Divination, you can only sacrifice for the Blessing.

On the Ring

Having a worshipper of Lhankor Mhy on the Ring allows you to put more magic into Diplomacy and Mysteries during Sacred Time.


Lhankor Mhy joined the Storm Tribe at its creation, as the leader of the Marks on Bark clan. He then became the Storm Tribe's Lawspeaker.

  • During the Lightbringers Quest, the Knowing God was often called to translate cryptic messages for Orlanth and the other companions.  -- Ring Member

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