Looking for something to do on King of Dragon Pass Wiki? We love our wiki, but it still needs a lot of t.l.c. to grow. Even if it's but a small contribution we'll appreciate it if you add to this wiki.

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Current Discussions

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Major Things To Do

If you're ready to stay for the long haul, here are some important projects we could use a hand with.

  • We especially need help with the IOS version of the game (especially for pages like User Interface), the current contributors only have the PC version.

Beginner's Guide

Events, Heroquests & Walkthroughs

  • Create walkthroughs for each of the Heroquest pages.
  • Add event pages. If you encounter an event, take a screenshot and upload it along with the info. Make sure to note details such as which background you chose during character creation, as certain events hapen only if certain conditions are met. NB: Be sure to check beforehand if it's not already on the wiki.

Gameplay Pages

Lore & Gods

Gloranthan Races

The following races need their pages created or expanded:

Around the Web

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Little Things To Do

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