Humakt's Raven Banner
Humakt banner


Exploration Event

One of the ten survivors of the Dragonkill War said that the man ordered to carry the Raven Banner into that battle dropped it early in the battle, thus ensuring victory for the dragons.

Ring Member, King of Dragon Pass

Humakt's Raven Banner is a treasure that can be used in battle.


This treasure can be acquired by exploring near your tula. When your explorers find it, you get the following event:

Event Dialogue

An exploration party returns with a legendary treasure of the First Age, Humakt's Raven Banner. When carried into a fight, this battle standard guarantees victory in battle. However, it does so at great cost: the standard bearer is always killed.
  1. Give it to an enemy as a peace offering.
  2. Give it to another clan.
  3. Keep it.
  4. Return it to where it was hidden.
  5. Trade it to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Giving this banner to an enemy you are currently feuding with, can establish peace (assuming they accept it).
  • If you give the banner away, it improves relations with the receiving clan, especially as it is a treasure.
  • There is no harm in keeping it, as long as you realize that using it costs the life of one of your nobles.
  • However, if you don't want the temptation of using the banner, you can always hide it again.
  • As a treasure, this item is worth something in trade

Treasure Description

Grants victory in battle at the cost of the bearer's life.