Rune Rune Humakt


Shrine, Temple & Great Temple

Heroquest Humakt the Champion
Myths Humakt the Champion (myth)
Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars (myth)

Humakt is the god of War and Death.

Shrines and Temples

In Humakt's honor, you can build a shrine, temple or great temple to him.


If you sacrifice to Humakt, he may bless you with the following :

  • Battle Luck : Improves the chance of winning a battle.
  • Morale : Improves the ability of warrior in battle.
  • Oath : Seals bonds between clans.
  • Truesword : Weaponthanes fight with the strength of two.


The Humakti are the devotees of the God of Death. They are fierce warriors, adhere rigorously to death's strict code, and pride themselves in slaying the undead, their god's foe, wherever they can find them. They cannot be resurrected under any circumstances.

  • Humakti are known for their strict code of honor; they prefer bluntness over flattery, truth over soothing words.  -- Ring Member

On the Ring

Having a worshipper of Humakt on the Ring allows you to put more magic into War during Sacred Time.



Humakt used to be Orlanth, Urox, Vadrus and Kolat's brother and Umath's son, until he severed his family ties with the sword called Death in order to rule impartially over it. Even if he is now a stranger to his kin in the Storm Tribe, he sits on Orlanth's Ring for his valor and strict code of honor.

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