Homage to Chalana Arroy I: The Offer
Chalana arroy priestesses


Random Event

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Priestesses of Chalana Arroy may come to your tula and offer to heal your sick in exchange for a favor in the future.

Event Dialogue:  The Offer

Priestesses of Chalana Arroy from many different clans have gathered together to pay homage to their goddess. As part of their devotions, they are travelling to various tulas and offering to heal the sick and the wounded. They ask only that you promise to aid them in the future, when your help is needed. The more people they heal, the greater the favor they will ask. The people are honored by their visit.
  1. Ask them to heal all of your sick and wounded.
  2. Ask them to heal half of your sick and wounded.
  3. Ask them to heal only a few people.
  4. Decline their offer.
  5. Decline their offer; give them gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Having the priestesses heal all or half of your wounded and sick will also, if they succeed, give a boost to the mood of your people.
  • If you don't make use of their services, but still offer gifts, the priestesses will politely decline. 
  • Declining the healing may worsen the mood of your clan.

Note:  If you accept the healing offer, then you will then see:  Homage to Chalana Arroy:  Favor Repaid.