Hermit: Course of Action
Dire prophecies and a snazzy get-up...


Exploration Event

During the game you'll occasionally find a Hermit dressed in bark, frothing at the mouth and spewing dire prophesies. Definitely someone to liven up those parties...

Event Dialogue:  Step Up My Prognostications...


While exploring in the west, members of your clan encounter a drooling, wild-eyed hermit, dressed in a suit of bark.  He froths at the mouth, dances a little jig, and then speaks words of prophecy.  "You will soon <Prophecy>, after this happens, you must <course of action> or a <dire punishment> will fall on your tula <elaboration>.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Find the shaman and give him a gift.
  3. Find the shaman and offer to adopt him.
  4. Send a war party to drive off the shaman.
  5. Send a war party to kill the shaman.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  <Prophecy> refers to some random prophecy, <course of action> refers to the hermit's suggested course of action,  <dire punishment> is what happens if you don't follow his suggestions, and <elaboration> is a greater description of the dire punishment visited.

A sample follows:

  • Prophecy:  Oversee an auspicious marriage
  • Course of Action:  Decrease the strength of your patrols.
  • Dire punishment:  A rain of fire
  • Elaboration:  a wet fire that will not leave the people until it has finished burning them!


This time, the hermit's prophecy is more dire, with his suggestions on how to avert it more varied.  Once again, the events do tend to happen.  The big difference is that the punishments may actually happen more than in the first event dialogue.  If it isn't too onerous, you may do as he suggests, though once again, you can usually withstand anything that comes up.

Note:  If you try to find the shaman (whether to gift him, adopt him, drive him off, or kill him), you will find him quite wily prey. 

It is in fact impossible to catch him, since no such successful outcome to the event can be found in scenes.dat.

Note:  Thanks to sparkbomber for the original picture caption.

List of Prophecies

List of Punishments

  • "A rain of fire will fall on your tula."
  • "Strange and slimy monsters will overrun your tula"