The graphical user interface (GUI) is the visual information seen on the screen, with which the player interacts to impact the game.


PC & Mac

The screen is divided into four parts: the season bar, the menu, the main screen, and the Clan bar.

The Season Bar

It depicts which season you are currently in, shows your clan name and the in game year.

Season bar

The triskelion between the year and the season allows you to skip to the next season.

The Menu

The menu is a half disk (in the middle of the season bar) with runes along the edge. Clicking on a rune will take you to the corresponding screen:

Farming iconFarming Screen

Relations iconRelations Screen

Trade iconTrade Screen

War iconWar Screen

Clan iconClan Screen

Magic iconMagic Screen

Map iconMap Screen

Lore iconBackground Screen

Saga iconSaga Screen

A glowing rune means that you are already on the corresponding screen.

The Main Screen

Center stone

Stone with active blessings of the gods

The main screen is the center part of the screen. This is where the main action happens: it changes according to which menu icon you are on to display the appropriate screen.

All the screens have a megalith, a stone at their center that display the blessings of the gods.

During events

During events, the season bar and menu disk will disappear to give more room to the main screen, but the clan bar will remain.

Tula view

At the end of each year, the tula view will take up all the screen and display your tula, and a recap of the year.

The Clan Bar

This is the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Clan bar

It shows your Clan Ring members, along with vital information concerning your clan, including:

  • Cattle: How many cows your clan possesses (your wealth)
  • Goods: The number of goods your clan possesses to trade, build, give, sacrifice...
  • Food: How much food you have until the next harvest
  • Population: How many people live in your clan
  • Weaponthanes: How many warriors protecting you
  • Magic: You magic supply until the next Sacred Time

You clan ring leader is the first portrait to the left, and is noted as such by the additional circle rune near his portrait. At the bottom of each of the portraits are runes symbolizing which deity they primarily worship.

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