Grain-eating Trollkin
Trollkin grain


Random Event

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Troublesome Trollkin

Trollkin may one day come strolling in the stead of one of your carls, and roll around in the grain, eating and ruining it.

Event Dialogue

<X> finds a bunch of small trolls rooting about in the grain bins of his stead. They've eaten some of the grain, and have ruined more of it. You're familiar with these creatures from the old country ~ they're trollkin, the stunted and sometimes simple-minded offspring that most trolls are cursed with.

  1. Drive them off.
  2. Kill them.
  3. Sacrifice them to a god.
  4. Take them as thralls.
  5. Trade them to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Killing them will solve the problem, but do nothing further.
  • Trading the trollkin will net you a few goods, and you may have to deal with the following event: Refunding the Trollkin
  • If you kill/sacrifice the trollkin, this can gradually increase the ire of Trolls in general. (verification needed: trolls don't really care about trollkin)
  • Most deities don't see trollkin as an acceptable sacrifice, but Eurmal will reward the clan with an increase of magic.
  • Trollkin are far from human, so you can take them as thralls even if your ancestors were against thralldom without penalty. You may have to deal with the following event later: Troublesome Trollkin