The gods cannot protect us from what has already happened, for they are as bound by Time as the rest of us.

King of Dragon Pass

The gods are a very important part of the Orlanthi culture and daily life. They provide blessings, and demand to be worshipped.

For gods that aren't part of the Orlanthi pantheon (gods revered by other races or worshipped only by a minority of Orlanthi clans), go to the gods category.

The Gods

The Orlanthi recognize the existance of hundreds of gods, the most important of which are the following.

Main gods

  • Rune Orlanth Orlanth, the father, King of Gods, and god of Storm

Lesser gods

  • Rune Kero Fin Kero Fin, goddess of Childbirth. Orlanth's Mother.
  • Rune Wind Spirits Wind Spirits, minor deities related to Orlanth and his mother Kero Fin.
  • Rune Tarard Riel Tarard Riel, a lesser deity who is the spirit of the local hills.
  • Heler, god of Rain
  • Yinkin, god of Alynxes

Unholy trio

The Orlanthi also know of a few gods they do not worship, and must defeat. They are the ancient enemies of Orlanth.

  • Malia, godess of Disease
  • Daga, god of Drought
  • Thed, goddess of Broos and Rape