The following is a list of terms frequently used in game, along with their meaning :

Term Definition
Bushel The amount of food which feeds one person for one year. Short for "Ernalda's Bushel"
Carl Farmer, who plows and usually tends a few cows.
Cottar Lower-class farmer, who usually tends sheep and a garden.
Fyrd The clan army, mostly composed of armed farmers.
Godi Priest, also called a "god-talker."
Hide A unit of land, loosely defined as enough to support a family.
Moot A full gathering of the tribe, with the purpose of settling disputes within the clan peacefully.
Shaman Someone practiced in dealing with spirits. Sometimes called a "spirit-talker."
Thane Someone with a leadership role, such as a head of household, godi, or chief's weaponthane.
Thrall A slave, with no legal status.
Tula A clan's home territory.
Wyter The collective spirit of a group such as a clan or tribe.
Weaponthane Professional warrior in the service of a king or clan chief.