Glitches and bugs

This page exists to catalog all glitches and bugs encountered through the game, if you have one then share the details here. NB: Not if they're already listed.

If you’re using the iOS version, you can file a bug from within the app.

Known glitches

  • The titlescreen of the GOG PC version occasionally shows discoloured patches.
  • On the GOG PC version, if you have no weaponthanes at all, do not go on a raid.  When the raid screen pops up, it asks how many weaponthanes to send on the raid.  Raids require at least one weaponthane to work, and if all you have is 0, then you are stuck on the screen with no way out.  You will have to manually close the game, though all your saved material is safe. 
  • In the GOG PC version, if you sell an item to another clan that has a finite lifespan (such as the Goldeneye Horse) and the treasure would die/breakdown,you may not be able to purchase anything else from that specific clan.  Instead, you would get a pair of parentheses () coming up, and you could purchase it.  However, this does nothing.  Also, if you are in the middle of an event (such as the Mordrim the Stout: Blacktail Desired), if you repurchase the treasures mid-event, you may get the parentheses as well.

Note Glitches

  • You may come to a point where your map is suddenly all white, and everything is jumbled up.  This may not be a bug, and in fact the results of an event:  Jumbled Maps