A farmer is a clan member that sees to the crops and cattle. Farmers form the bulk of your clan's population.

Social status

Farmers are divided into two social classes, the carls and the cottars.


The carls are the wealthier class of farmers. They typically own good land and take care of the cattle.

The carls are the ones you will hear from the most. Due to their wealth, they are in a position to sometimes make demands. They have a rivalry with the weaponthanes, and will take offense if you favor the latter.


Cottars are the lower class farmers that own little if any land, and tend sheep rather than cattle. They also perform the more laborious tasks.

It is very possible for a cottar to become a carl. The only thing separating these classes is wealth.

Recruiting farmers

If you are running low on farmers, it is possible to recruit more (via the Clan iconclan screen) from:

  • nearby clans
  • any clan
  • your tribe
  • your kin in Heortland
  • vagabonds and wanderers

Recruiting farmers from other clans may lower your reputation, use with caution.

In order to boost your chances at recruiting farmers, you can additionally offer:

  • Land (base number of carls recruited)
  • Land and sheep (slightly more)
  • Land and cattle (many more)

Also note that the happier the people in your clan are, the more carls will want to come, and the less you have to offer to attract them. No one wants to live in a miserable clan.

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