Einarth Milk-Eyes: Prophecy
Einarth prophet tribe


Scripted Event

Requires Kingly reputation & performing Orlanth's heroquest

Einarth Milk-eyes is a renowned prophet. He gives you the opportunity to form a tribe, and gives you the ten-year armband if you are playing the short game.


In order to have a chance for him to come to your tula, you will need to do the following:

Event Dialogue

Einarth Milk-Eyes, and old man from a faraway clan, comes to visit you. He is renowned as a prophet. "A golden tribe I see before me, a tribe built of this tula's timber. I see rivals setting aside their differences, and a new unity in this land. I see triumph, if these clan halls contain sufficient wit and bravery."

  1. End the feud with the <feuding clan name> clan.
  2. Gift Einarth.
  3. Ignore the prophecy.
  4. Immediately begin assembling a tribe.
  5. Offer him a place in your clan.
  6. Wait for a while, then assemble a tribe.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Gifting Einarth, you will show kingly generosity, raising relations with nearby clans, and you will be returned to the other choices.
  • If you decide to immediately begin assembling a tribe, your emissaries will go sound out nearby clans.
  • If you offer him a place in your clan, he will politely refuse.
  • If you decide to end the feud with your rival clan, you will schedule a parley with them next season.
  • Waiting before forming a tribe will let you decide how many years you wish to wait, the maximum being 5.