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Dragonewts are the kin of the old dragons, and as such, are sometimes referred to as the dragon-kin.  The dragonewts go through a cycle of death and reincarnation, gaining power until at the end of their cycle they become dragons. 

Sometimes a dragonewt fails to progress, and can become magisaurs.



  • The tula of the <X> clan is haunted by strange dragonewt activity.  Two weeks ago, a dragonewt envoy announced that they would conduct a flea census on the <X> tula, but they have not been back since.  The <X> trickster says that this is a dragonewt joke.--King of Dragon Pass
  • Dragonewts love rainbows -- Eurmali Ring Member


Activities that have gotten humans slaughtered by dragonewts (and seen during an exploration gone awry):

  • Clearing one's throat
  • Swatting a mosquito on one's arm
  • Stepping on a mushroom, and breaking its cap
  • Quietly humming to oneself
  • Spitting on one's hands to remove the dirt