Discovering the Ducks
Meeting ducks


Random Event

Your scouts stumble across fertile lands populated by weird Duck people, you can demand tribute, demand some land, raid them or make peaceful contact with them. Obviously, the latter option opens up more events.

Event Dialogue

A scouting party discovers a rich farmland not far from your stead. It is inhabited by strange beast folk who behave sort of like normal Orlanthi and call themselves the <X> Ducks. For once, both warriors and carls agree: it would be a fine thing to drive these small, inhuman creatures from this fertile valley and claim it as your own.

  1. Approach the ducks and offer them a peace pact.
  2. "Each year, you must give us enough food to feed 50 of our people."
  3. "Each year, you must give us enough food to feed 150 of our people."
  4. Demand that the ducks cede you half their lands.
  5. Launch a surprise attack against the puny ducks.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you offer them a peace pact, they will sing and praise your clan, and increase your reputation with them and their cousins in the swamp. This option opens up more events involving ducks.  A peace clan will gain a slight amount of magic from this choice.
  • It is possible to demand tribute from the ducks, enough to feed a good portion of your people.  They are likely to agree to feeding 50 people a year, but will rebuff if you demand enough food to feed 150 people.  Also note this makes the ducks your enemy, and makes their Beastfolk allies more wary of you. 
  • Demanding half of their lands causes the ducks refusal, and naturally enrages them.  You can still attack them if you wish.
  • If you are martially inclined, then you can launch a sneak attack agains the ducks.  It is possible to defeat the ducks, and take their land from them, but this is difficult at the best of times.  A war clan will gain magic from this action.


  • You do not have to go exploring to encounter this event.