• Sparkbomber

    Useless blog

    January 7, 2013 by Sparkbomber

    Well, here's my first and (for the foreseeable future) only blog post here. Long story short: I'm not exactly into blogs.

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  • Nihilariann

    Test page

    November 4, 2012 by Nihilariann


    God Blessing Description Affects
    Ancestors Divination Answers questions (about the land and possible curses) People
    Ancestors Protection Defends against hostile spirits People
    Ancestors Summons of Evil Summons ancient enemies in order to defeat them Diplomacy/War
    Barntar Plowsong Allows oxen to plow more crops Crops
    Barntar Vigor Lets farmers work more productively Crops
    Chalana Arroy Curing Hastens recovery of sick people People
    Chalana Arroy Healing Hastens recovery of wounded people People
    Chalana Arroy Hope Improves the people's morale People
    Chalana Arroy Resurrection Restores the dead to life People
    Elmal Horsefriend Prolongs the life of horses Herds
    Elmal Shield Reduces the number of deaths and wounds among weaponthanes War
    Elmal Stead…

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