The background screen (Lore icon) lists various legends, myths, writings pertaining to the Orlanthi culture and religion, that can help understand and get into the role of an Orlanthi clan.

To read a myth in game, simply select the myth you with to read, and click "view". The myths you see in game might be a simplified version, because your clan may know the gist of the story, but might lack the details of it. The myths linked below are the full story, if they are not, "(incomplete)" will be marked.


These myths are important during heroquests, knowing these myths are essential to performing a heroquest, and you, as the player, should read them in order to pick the right answers when performing the heroquests.

Note:  You won't be able to read a heroquest until you learn it in game.  This is usually done by sacrificing to 'Mystery' on that specific deity, and getting the myth rather than a specific blessing.  Occasionally, you learn it through an event


These brief texts provide a historical background to your clan.


These texts help understand your clanspeople's culture.