Although very rare, every type of animal has especially intelligent individuals who can talk, and even cast magic spells.

Lhankor Mhy devotee

Given the multitudes of animals, it should come as no surprise that some of them are as fully capable of thought as any human, dwarf, elf, or troll.

Called Awakened for their sapience, they are also known as Talking Animals.

Some animals are born fully sentient, while others may have it thrust upon them by godly action, magician intervention, or coincidence.

In Orlanthi culture:

To the Orlanthi, talking animals are considered to be strong spirit-friends.

<X>, one of the clan's finest hunters met a ten-foot salmon that taught her stories that are so powerful and funny that animals gather to hear them.  <X> seems to have gained a great deal of power.

King of Dragon Pass

Events involving talking animals