The spirits of your ancestors
Rune Rune Ancestors



Although they are spirits, the Ancestors of the Orlanthi who survived the Great Darkness, and all those that came after are worshipped as gods.


The Ancestors are god-like in the eyes of the Orlanthi, and must be treated as such.

The Orlanthi typically keep a shrine to their ancestors, and occasionally ask them for guidance through sacrifice.

The Ancestors are a bad-tempered lot, and going against their traditional ways is not to be done lightly. Make sure you follow your decisions not to keep thralls, or to destroy the dragons that you made during clan creation throughout the game, or your ancestors will be angered, and confiscate some of your magic.

Shrines and Temples

In honor of your ancestors, you can build a shrine


If you sacrifice to the Ancestors, you may be granted one of the following blessings:

  • Summons of Evil  :  Summons our ancient enemies so we can defeat them
  • Protection : Defends against hostile spirits.
  • Divination  : Answers questions
  • Curses:  Learn about any curses laid on the clan
  • The Land:  Learn about our clan lands

Note:  Only Protection may be chosen as a permanent shrine benefit. 


Successfully summon and defeating your enemies increases your clan magic.

Divination:  Curses reveals if your clan is under a curse, such as from a ghost, another clan, etc.

Divination:  The Land reveals if there are more treasures to discover on your land.


  • Ancestors Angered: If you haven't been following their example, your ancestors may come to scold you.
  • Ancestors' Blessing: Where your ancestors reward you for keeping their traditions.


  • We still tell the stories of our valiant anecstors, all the way back to the days when Orlanth made the first tribes, and Vingkot was the first king.  -- Ring Member