Access to the Flamal Shrine
Elves flamal shrine


Random Event

The elves are not Orlanthi, and as such have no right to worship at an Orlanthi clan's shrine. But, as Issaries would say, conciliation can prove more beneficial than war.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a member of the <Y> clan, comes to you seeking aid. "Plant people ~ the elves ~ have descended on our tula, and demand the right to worship at our shrine to Flamal. They will harm us if we refuse, they say. But we do not want our shrine strenghtening the magic of the deadly forest folk."

  1. Convince the <Y clan> to allow limited use of their temple by the elves.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Find elves and tell them you support their demands.
  4. Offer the elves compensation instead of temple rights.
  5. Send a war party to attack the petitioning elves.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Possibly the best choice, you can try to broker a deal between the <Y> clan and the elves to allow the forest folk limited use of the temple.  Success will improve relations with both the <Y> and the elves.  Failure will worsen relations with both.  Another thing to consider is if elves are your clan enemies, then establishing peace will lower your magic by a slight amount.
  • The safest, if most boring option is to do nothing.  One thing to consider is that renown doesn't usually go to the tula bound.
  • Finding elves and telling them you support their demands improves your relations with the elves, but worsening relations with the <Y>.  Be aware that you may not find any of the Aldryami at all. 
  • Offering the elves compensation will earn their good regard, but it is the temple they want.
  • Attacking the elves will earn the regard of the <Y>, but certainly worsens relations with the elves.  Be aware the elves are a tough foe, and your party may well be defeated.  If the forest folk are your clan's enemies, then attacking them will earn you a few points of magic.