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• 3/23/2014

Unrecorded event

After tribal peace negotiations I was able to get the two tribes to agree to have our tribe mediate their trade disputes. Later this event occured. Suggested title: "Mediating a Dispute"

"Lawspeakers from the (Y) and (Z) tribes appear at your tribal hall to take advantage of the offer you made to their kings when you brokered peace between them. You said that your lawspeakers would mediate trade disputes, so that the kings would not have to war over them. In this case, the (Y) complain that the (Z) have been threatening traders who seek to do business with them.


1. Conduct a divination

2. Penalize both tribes

3. Refuse to rule

4. Rule in favor of the (Y) Tribe

5. Rule in favor of the (Z) Tribe

6. Try to broker a different kind of peace between them

(Known) Consequenses

I conducted a divination and received this message, "(x) put her head under a sheet of leather. Instead of seeing a vision that would tell her who was right, she saw an image of a motion rune. Rather than spin eternally, as the motion rune is supposed to do, the rune was caught in a net. (x) heard the wails of suffering people, and the laughter of our enemies. (May just be bad luck?)

Trying to Broker a different kind of peace between them brings you back to Event:tribal peace negotiations

I was unable to test any others but I assume relations suffer between either or both tribes
Mediating a Dispute

The accompanying image

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• 3/24/2014

Great find!  I don't recall encountering this one, but given the depth of the game, not unsurprising :)

I went ahead, and made an event with your suggested title.  I will update the links for the Tribal Peace Negotiations (and thank you for showing which one it stemmed from!)

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