What new events would you like to see in King of Dragon Pass?

Obviously, there isn't going to be any expansion of King of Dragon Pass on the PC (although the iOS version looks to be getting an expansion), but if you were able, what sort of extra events would you care to see?

One that I've been thinking of (and may include in a fanfic) is your clan, while exploring, comes across some kind of magic worker (most likely a necromancer), and they have a bard from another clan in their hands.  The two basic responses would trying to rescue the captured person, or convince the magic worker to release them (though combat may be tough, and you could lose some people). 

The hook, though, is the necromancer could offer you a treasure...one of many he would be crafting from the bard's body parts.  One possible treasure would be war drums (from the bard's skin), which would improve your warriors.  Another would be a flute (crafted from one of the bard's bones)...and possessing it would reduce spoilage as vermin are driven away (yes, overtones of the Pied Piper).  A third treasure would be some kind of stringed instrument such as harp/lute (from the bard's guts/tendons?) and possessing it would improve your chances of persuasion.

This could lead to another event as well, if you took a treasure, as the bard's shade manages to get word to his clan before passing on to the Halls of the Dead...